Supercharge your revenue with vector search

Personalise your search experience to improve conversion and increase AOV

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Not magic, vector search

Create a magical customer experience by surfacing the products your customers want, when they want them, with unparalleled relevance. Vector search understands your products, and customer queries, and can search over documents, images, text and video (like magic). Long tail queries are no problem for Marqo, with a human-like understanding of your customer’s search terms.

Supercharge your sales

Marqo for ecommerce drives your revenue up and to the right. Watch your conversion, attach rate, and AOV skyrocket through AI-powered search that has all of the latest machine learning models under the hood. Marqo offers signal customisation out of the box, meaning you can easily weight your results with your own inputs such as seller score or all time sales.

Search the way you think

Search descriptively, with more than just text. Customers can search for “something to heat up my food” or “a vintage floral couch with red it on it”, no preexisting metadata needed. Marqo unlocks additional revenue through the optimisation of head, middle and tail results simultaneously through semantic understanding of search queries. Customers can add further context to queries with multimodal search by combining both images and text.

Implement rapidly

Marqo is the most developer friendly vector search engine on the market, providing a seamless experience from input to output through an easy-to-use API. End-to-end storage and inference means the batteries are included for all the necessary processes such as data transformation, machine learning inference, and vector storage. Truly headache free.