Building the Next Generation of Vector Search

February 13, 2024
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Today, we’re taking the next step on this journey and announcing that we’ve raised $12.5 million (USD) in Series A funding and will be expanding our presence in the US. This funding round, which was led by Lightspeed with participation from Blackbird VC, January Capital, and Chronosphere founder and CTO Rob Skillington, will help us scale up to meet the demand we’re seeing and ensure that every company in the world has access to this transformative technology. .

Unstructured data makes up more than 80 percent of all enterprise data and is growing rapidly. Consider the volume of emails you send or receive everyday, the number of Google Docs you open, the social media posts you create or the videos and images you engage with. That’s all unstructured data — part of a diverse and rapidly expanding set of information that lacks a predefined data model. It is highly relevant and valuable for businesses but extracting meaningful insights from it is a complex and challenging task.

We founded Marqo because we recognized that vector search is going to be the key to harnessing the value of all that rich data and realizing the full potential of AI in our day-to-day lives. We set out to invent a platform that not only generated superior vector embeddings but also empowered customers to build advanced AI-powered search experiences and applications within minutes, not months. 

We’ve made extraordinary progress towards that goal in the past couple of years and seen incredible adoption of our technology thanks in large part to our global community who have backed us since day one.

We’re so grateful to all our partners, customers, investors and developer community for getting us to this point, but it’s only the beginning for Marqo and we’re so excited for what’s ahead. 

Check out our press release or media kit for more details.

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